Ah, 2017, here you are. I’ve been feeling uninspired the last few weeks. It’s January! The single longest month of the year. Generally speaking, January has nothing going on for itself. When you compare January to the other 11 months (with the exception of my wonderful husband’s birthday, sorry Jason), January ranks pretty low. It’s cold, it’s long, the next fun holiday is too far away to really care (sorry MLK), AND we are all stuck inside. I am personally struggling with January because it is now 2017. Two thousand and flipping seventeen. 2016 was a transformational year for me. I set goals, I tried new things, I took on a different outlook and attitude. I transformed my outside and my mind. 2016 was the year of Lauren. 2017 is here, and now I am on a quest to find new challenges. I am not sure what I will do after this year, but I am sure this inspiration will find me soon. All in time.

So let’s rewind. We are going back to 2016. 2016 took me by surprise. It came at me full force. It was like someone came along and pushed me off that comfy little ledge I had been sitting on for years. That ledge where I sat too afraid to make the jump. Kind of like a water slide, you want to do it but that push you give yourself often comes with a second of hesitation. That fall, sometimes spiraling out of control led me to new adventures and new accomplishments. In many ways, I needed that push outside of my comfort zone. I learned to live without the limitations that I had placed on myself. I said yes more than I said no. I defined every moment of 2016. I would not let 2016 define me. I was in control.

So what is all of this about 2016 and what is there to be gained from looking back? I believe that everyone specifically women and mothers should live a year where they find a way to do more for their own personal development and well-being. To really put a focus on the things they want to achieve. To live a year of you. I will tell you that it is 100% achievable, and more importantly 100% achievable without pushing family and other important aspects of our lives to the back burner.  In this blog, I will go through some of my highlights from last year, the lessons I learned and attempt to describe what it felt like to live a little bolder.  You would be amazed what you can learn about yourself if you just let yourself live without limitations.


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