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This weekend Jason and I were kid free! Kid free, people! My fantastic in-laws took the boys camping, and Jason and I did what every kid free couple does when they have a weekend to themselves…..WE GOT SHIT DONE. I got to experience that glorious feeling of doing anything uninterrupted…anything and everything without interruption. Not having to feed/clean-up after other human beings, not having to wipe anyone else’s butt and just being able to do whatever the heck I wanted for two solid days. It really was joyous. Don’t get me wrong, I miss them instantly, but when I don’t have to microwave my coffee in the morning for the third time…I call that heaven.

We spent all of Friday night getting our normal stuff done…grocery shopping, meal prep, laundry, etc so that we could really get to work on Saturday. We have big exciting home projects going on right now, and we used all the time we could on Saturday to paint, move stuff around and then paint some more. I quickly remembered that painting is only enjoyable once you are done.

Between painting we had our Sprint Triathlon…400yd swim, 8 mile bike, 2.5 mile run at our YMCA. I have been so anxious about this event since I signed up. Based on how my swim sessions have been the last few weeks, I knew that my swim would be rough, but I just kept pushing through.  I have learned that swimming is just about the ugliest thing that I do, and my swim on Saturday did not disappoint. It was probably my worst go in seven weeks, but that is okay. I did it. Swimming was really the main reason I signed-up for the Sprint. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get outside of my comfort zone and force myself to work at something that I was terrible at. I am still terrible at it, but I plan to keep working on it. The most important thing for me was to just keep moving forward and stay committed to improvement, or at least this is what I told myself when I got in the pool.

The most disappointing part of Saturday’s sprint was my bike performance. I set myself up for failure. I had never used the Y’s bikes and it was not the bike/ride I was used to. To spare the boring details, my seat settings were off and I spent my first 2 miles wasting time because I was so uncomfortable. Needless to say I added 3 minutes to my normal 8 mile time…terribly disappointing. Once I was off the never-ending bike ride from hell, all I had left was a 2.5 mile run…HOME. It may have been one of my best treadmill runs ever. I knew I had time to make-up to ensure I hit my sub one hour goal. It was a good run. I hit a really good stride early on and was able to consistently build speed throughout. I finished at 58 min 48 sec and it felt great. I would sign-up for another Sprint Triathlon in a heart beat.


Jason and I finished Saturday with Mexican food and margaritas. I don’t like to use food as a reward, but we flipping deserved it. All the painting…so much painting then the Sprint and then more painting when we got home….tequila was a good choice.

Sunday mornings without kids call for sleeping in (until 8),  a Starbucks run and then an hour perusing leisurely online. Perfection. I love Sunday mornings.

 The boys arrived home in the late afternoon, and we were instantly back to reality. Tired, crabby kids…I think one of them even peed their pants within the first 10 minutes home. I’m not sure..it all happened so fast. It was as if they were adjusting to civilization again…but it was okay because I had two days to recharge my batteries and fill-up my “patience” tank. I needed to do another load of laundry and clean that spot on the floor anyhow. It is good to have them Home.



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