My hashtag is to the song “All I Do Is Win”. I didn’t want you to overlook that nerdy little gem. This week we had Chase’s kindergarten musical which was just about as cute as you would expect. I never want him to leave kindergarten which is why I sometimes sabotage his schoolwork.  Also this week, Jason and I gave up eating after 8pm for Lent. Let me describe how this typically goes, 7:50pm rolls around and we are cramming cheezits down our throat. We did set a few stipulations. We are allowed to eat any fruit or vegetable after 8pm.  We may have stretched the definition of fruit into a smoothie one day this week but tomato tomato. 

This weekend has been filled with more home projects. Hours of whitewashing and putting furniture together. The awesome design company Belle & Ballast Designs is transforming our seriously dark and boring living room into something out of a fancy person’s home.  I am in love, and we aren’t even done! It has been great working with the owner, Kirstyn. She has an amazing eye for design, and not to mention I have really enjoyed catching-up with this friend from high school. She is the real deal. You can find her on Facebook under Belle & Ballast Designs. Here is the initial major change. More to come once it is completely done.


The rest of the weekend was spent finishing some painting and getting things done for the week. I am starting to stress a little over my upcoming business trip to OZ. This will be my third trip to Australia for work. I am truly blessed to have these opportunities, but the thought of being away from my family for two weeks is stressing me out. Thank god I have the world’s best husband who can keep everything in order like I’m not even gone.

Next Time: Preparing for Australia and Finishing the Living Room Design! Eventually I will get back to my Letting Go series.

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