Beware The Ides of March

Six years ago, on March 15th, my grandma passed away. My grandma was the first person that I have lost that I miss every single day, and every March 15th brings reflection and sadness as I am amazed on how much time has passed. I was 30 weeks pregnant with Chase when she died and I was so close to introducing this wonderful woman to her first great- grandchild. He missed her by 6 weeks.

When I think about my life and my inspiration, my Grandma Pat is right up there at the top. She was a beautiful, intelligent, kind woman. Those who knew her knew she had a strong willed sas about her that was still somehow cloaked in kindness. She wasn’t the grandma that smothered you with affection, but you could feel her pride and love in every word. I had the privilege of spending a lot of time with my grandma as a young child and I think that is how our bond formed; we were cut from the same mold. We just understood each other.

In my late teens, I remember her being so proud that I was going to college, and she confided in me her own dreams. Growing-up she had hoped to become a nurse, but then life stepped in. Six kids later and many grandchildren, her dreams adjusted.  In these conversations,  she urged me to go after everything that I have always wanted to do, and I have been trying to do just this ever since. My inspiration lies in doing the things that my grandma didn’t get to do. Everything I’ve done, everything I’ve tried to accomplish, has a foundation in making my grandma proud.

So this March 15th, in honor of my Grandma Pat, I eat the Red Hot eye off the Wood’s Bakery bunny cookie FIRST because you should always go after exactly what you want in life and she would have wanted me to eat that delicious cookie.

Pat in Sundress 001

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