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I swore I would never do this, but here I am. In the last two weeks I have had several people ask me to share “what I eat in a day”. I am always open to sharing if anyone can find a benefit through my experiences, but I post this with caution and a few disclaimers. You know I like my disclaimers. What you are about to read is boring (and long) and I’ve spent 18 months of trial and error crafting this and making small refinements, but this currently works for me. I will say it again, it works for me.   When it stops working for me or my lifestyle changes, I will make further refinements.  It’s a process and there is no one perfect approach to food that will work for everyone at every point in their life.

So, if you keep reading and think “no way, Jose!”,  remember that I didn’t start with this and neither should you. What I recommended to one friend was to start with small changes over the course of a few months. Once you are comfortable with those changes, make other changes. This is what I did starting back in January 2016. It’s a process. Only embark on a change that you can sustain.

Here goes nothing. This is my standard Monday through Friday.

 5:15am: My morning starts with hot lemon water with a ¼ teas of turmeric. I drink this every single morning before I eat anything. Heat water like you would tea, squeeze in a lemon wedge and sprinkle in the turmeric. Watch out! Turmeric water will stain the shit out of anything you spill it on.

After I finish my hot lemon water w/turmeric, I eat first breakfast. First breakfast includes ½ cup almond milk, large banana, and a wedge of egg pie (approximately 2 and 1/5 eggs per wedge of egg pie).  I have shared my egg pie recipe with so many people. When I say egg pie, I get the funniest looks, but it seems to be the easiest way to describe it.  I started out making those baked eggs in a muffin pan things you see on pinterest. This was a complete nightmare to clean each week, so I moved from a muffin pan to a pie pan and it changed the game. Clean-up was so much easier! On Sundays, we meal prep and a part of that meal prep is making “egg pie”. I whisk 12 eggs, spray a pie pan with nonstick spray and bake for 30 minutes at 350. It is so basic, and I know I could do egg whites and it would be better for me. I don’t add anything to the egg mixture, but you could add green peppers or other veggies if you please.

7:30am: 2 cups of black coffee

8:00am-10:00am: If I start to get hungry I will drink green tea.

10:00am: whole Grapefruit. I love a good grapefruit

11:00am: One heaping scope of GNC lean burn protein powder w/water and ice (chocolate flavor). I typically workout over lunch and this protein powder has the perfect amount of caffeine to keep me focused and slightly agitated and angsty so I drink it before I work out instead of after. Yes, I know this is backwards, but it works for me.  I also eat a whole grain English muffin with almond butter about an hour before I workout.

11:30-1:30 : Workout Time (time depends on the day of the week and what I have going on with work).

My workouts vary day-to-day, but my minimum daily goals remain as follows: burn 400 exercise calories, 60 active minutes,  13,000 steps, 40 flights of stairs.  These are my minimum goals.

1:30pm: Because we meal prep, we eat the same lunch every day during the week. This week, we had southwest turkey burgers w/roasted veggies. Turkey burgers include ground turkey, diced seeded jalapenos, chopped green onions and taco seasoning (I use premade because I am lazy). Mix with hands, pattie-up, and grill. I serve with salsa. For the roasted veggies, I typically do a variation of broccoli, carrot chips, cauliflower or brussel sprouts…all things I shouldn’t eat based on my low FODMAP diet, but I love brussel sprouts.  Other week’s lunches have included roasted veggies with shredded chicken and quinoa or sometimes we do ground turkey lettuce wraps. Some weeks we do salads or chicken salad with greek yogurt. We try to mix it up to keep it interesting.

2:30 or 3: Handful of nuts (mostly plain almonds)

3:30 or 4:  Apple

6:00pm: Dinner varies most nights but includes a lean protein, veggie and a healthy carb. Last night we had turkey meatballs with zoodles (zucchini noodles) and I made French bread for the boys because I am not a monster. I try to get my kids to eat healthy foods, but we definitely don’t go crazy.  Overall, I am not as strict with dinner as I am the rest of the day. Dinner is about regrouping as a family, and if I have to make real noodles to avoid arguing about zucchini for 45 minutes, I’ll do it.

6:30pm: Family walk-1 mi

8:00pm: Jason and I will walk or run a few miles several nights per week in addition to our daily training. It’s a good time to catch-up.

8:30pm: I am being completely upfront with this otherwise I would have left this part out. I am a late evening snacker, and I hate it.  I typically go for cereal with unsweetened almond milk (like honey nut chex or special K with red berries) or air popped popcorn by the gallon. I am trying really hard to cut this snack out.

As far as hydration, I drink water all day. I gave up carbonation this year so no flavored water, no sparkling water and definitely no soda (unless it’s in a mixed drink. Exceptions can be made for small amounts of alcohol).

So that’s it. Super exciting stuff I know, but I could talk about food all day.  I really enjoy finding out what people eat, especially those that I admire from a health and wellness perspective. Yes, I realize this is strange, but I could honestly write pages about food, so if you are interested in more just let me know. I am always happy to share.

Coming Soon:  You ever hear something for the first time and then hear it five more times randomly that same day? This happened to me with Transcendental Meditation (TM). I have been researching this style of mediation the last few weeks now, and the overwhelming list of benefits.  There are a ton of athletes and well-known individuals in all industries that practice this type of mediation to help with focus and mental clarity. This week, I start practicing.


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