What fills your tank?

I learned a lot about myself by participating in the Battlegrounds OCR Mud Run. I learned that I thrive on being challenged and being competitive. I live for that feeling of accomplishment achieved through struggle. I have been feeling a little purposeless the last month. I was still motivated, but I just felt like I was drifting along without focus. I didn’t have this problem last year. Month after month I was running in races and jumping out of planes. This year my goal was to find balance and sustainability. In doing this, I was depriving myself and I didn’t realize this until after the Battlegrounds. My “tank” had been refilled, and I felt energized and ready for whatever was next. I needed the challenge. Sure I can continue to push myself on my own, but it’s just not enough. I need something out of the ordinary to keep me going. It’s so important to find what motivates us. What gives us that feeling of fulfillment and purpose. What makes us hungry for more. I challenge you to think about what fills your tank. When do you feel the most fulfilled?


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