Camping, dancing and reunions: Our Independence Day week

Every Independence Day we spend a few days at Bull Shoals lake with Jason’s family. You can say what you want about camping (and believe me, I hate most things about camping), but you can’t dispute that it is a time for enjoying the simplicity in things and slowing down. This year was probably our best trip yet. Every year the boys enjoy the lake more, and despite a rainy day, we still had so much fun on the lake. As I was laying in my raft on the lake, I would catch myself in a state of full appreciation. Appreciation for my family and the time together, appreciate for the relaxation, and appreciation for the beautiful sunny days.  I could feel my brain storing these moments as memories.

Jason and I left the boys with my in-laws mid-week and we drove up north for the wedding of one of Jason’s best friends from college. This wedding has been many years in the making, and the celebration of this couple was perfect. Add in a full night of dancing with Jason (I think I logged 200 active minutes of straight dancing) which may or may not have included me performing a full rendition of Footloose with one of the groomsman (one can only hope that someone recorded it) and you pretty much have one heck of a party. It was so great to see this group of guys that have stayed so close. I wish we could see them more often.

Our final stop of the week was back home for Jason’s 15 year high school reunion and our hometown picnic. We made the drive home and Jason was able to catch up with some of his good high school friends. I always look forward to the picnic, but this year may have changed things for me. I often write my blog posts mostly for my own sake,  but if you take one thing away, I hope it is this: Be thankful for what you have. Appreciate the good times. Appreciate the simple times. These will be your memories.


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