Cheers to 2018

2017 has been a truly transformational year. My objective for the year was to pursue balance in all areas of my life and I am happy to say that I feel successful in this quest. I have found greater peace with myself, worked to live more mindfully, started a daily gratitude practice, I gave meditation a go (I’m taking a break from it now but will get into that some other time), and most importantly I’ve shifted my focus to total health including mental and emotional health instead of just physical health. All in all this year has brought me so much joy and resolution. I am ready to see what 2018 will bring for me and my family.

As January 1st is right around the corner, I know many people will be setting resolutions for the year and hopefully making plans to achieve those resolutions. For me, January 1st is just like any other day in that you cant expect to wake up and become a different person.  What makes January 1st so symbolic is the fresh start that it brings. I urge you to use this fresh start to go after the things you want this year. Make a plan, hold yourself accountable and just go for it. It feels really good to push yourself and be successful in the things that challenge you.

As I mentioned in my last post, I will be doing Gretchen Rubin’s 18 in 2018 this year. For me, these will not be 18 strict goals to hit, but more objectives to keep me focused on what I want to achieve for myself this year.

So here they are in no real significant order. You will note that number 9 is omitted because it’s personal. I’m sure you can understand.

My 18 in 2018

  1. Write more thank you notes
  2. Go on more dates…with Jason, the kids and friends and family
  3. Spend less time on my phone
  4. Write more
  5. Take swimming lessons
  6. Increase my focus on my family’s nutrition (I am pretty strict with myself but not as much with the kids)
  7. Learn how to install our car seats (I am not proud to admit that I have never learned how…in 7 years Jason has always done this for me)
  8. Find a primary cause to support
  9. [Omitted personal goal]
  10. Eat less meat
  11. Be more purposeful with my photo taking
  12. Continue finishing another room in our home
  13. Explore more…hike more…more family walks
  14. Visit someplace(s) new
  15. Box more….and dance more
  16. Take more baths
  17. Be a more mindful and patient parent…play more
  18. Plan out my next career move

I cant wait to see what this next year will bring. Thanks for everything, 2017 and cheers to you, 2018. I’m ready for you.


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