Comfy, cozy and content

As my winter break winds down and I sit here writing on New Year’s Eve, I reflect fondly on the lazy no agenda routines that we have created this week. Playing (and putting together) new toys, sometimes spending the entire day in jammies and only leaving the house to go to the Y and just spending time together as a family. This is pretty normal for us during the winter. We wear comfy clothes, light candles, drink tea, and just generally lounge around enjoying each others’ company. Recently I learned that there is a Danish word that describes my life in the winter and its hygge.  According to Google, hygge can be defined in many ways but is generally described as a feeling of cozy contentment through simple activities….I live for hygge in the winter.

Here are my tips for creating your own routine of winter hygge and maximizing your state of cozy during this cold dreadful winter months.

Step one: Find a partner who enjoys comfy coziness as much as you do…someone who doesn’t mind a good snuggle.

Step two: Build a solid collection of comfy clothes which can include: thick warm socks, a nice long robe, gray jogger sweatpants (which are a must for me), and slippers…there must be slippers.

Step three: Light candle(s) or maybe make a fire (in a fireplace of course), put on aforementioned comfy clothes, make tea and settle in.

Step four:  This may be the most important step of all….dont set any expectations. Just let it be. Expectations can often get in the way of truly being content and living in the now.

This is exactly how I will be spending my New Year’s Eve. Relaxing in my home, playing games and watching movies while snuggling up with my family. I would have it no other way. I will be enjoying the simple….enjoying the cozy.

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! See you in 2018!!


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