Preparing for 2018

2018 is finally here, and we are all starting to wind down our first day of this new year. As many of us have set resolutions for this year, today was our first day to pursue these quests. Preparation is key to being successful in your goals whether they are big or small. I like to use the first day of the new year to help set myself up for success on my list of 18 objectives for the year.

The first thing I did was print an actual copy of my list of 18 objectives. I want to be able to refer to this list at any time and keep myself on track. If you have one big goal, you may consider printing the goal to an image and framing it. Because it is cold and I couldn’t bear the thought of heading to a printing store so instead I took a picture of my list and printed it as a 5×7 that will be delivered to my door in the next week. The $3 was worth the convenience to me.

The next step I took was to obtain all the relevant supplies. Two years ago when I set out to run a 5k every month of the year, I needed to procure running shoes and the athletic clothes to go along with it. This year, to support my goals, I purchased items like Thank You cards (to support goal 1), bath products (to support goal 16) and I downloaded the app SPACE to track my phone usage (to support goal 3). To see my full list of goals take a look at my earlier post Cheers to 2018.

Once you have the physical items you will need to be successful, make sure to set-up a plan for yourself. As I am pursing a list of objectives, which include more things that I want to incorporate into my life, my plan is pretty loose. Referencing back to my 5k goal, that goal required planning, planning to register for the 5k’s each month and planning to train.

The final step to setting yourself up for success is to build a support system. Share your goals with the people around you. Hopefully, these people will be supportive of your goals, but if nothing else you have made your goals public and that may help you to hold yourself accountable on your pursuit.

Happy New Year’s Day everyone! Let’s crush this year!


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