Apps I Love: Ink Cards

In the pursuit of finding balance, I have worked really hard to make boring or laborious tasks more efficient in an effort to give myself more time to do the things that I enjoy. In the Apps I Love series, I will share with you the Apps that save me time or just generally make my life easier. The first App I will feature is Ink Cards.

Ink Cards:

Let me start by saying that I am not a card person. I typically omit cards when giving gifts and I am known for this within my family.  Why you ask? I think most cards are overpriced and impersonal. I stumbled upon Ink Cards nearly 5 years ago and have really started using it regularly this year. Ink Cards is an app that sends personalized postcards through the mail.

To use Ink Cards, you simply download the app, select the card, upload a picture to the card (if you want), add text (if you want), select the address and checkout. I still love receiving real mail and I know other people do as well, it just feels so much more personal. This app saves me the time from having to pick out the perfect card in a store and then finding stamps (which I never seem to have).

Each Ink Card is $1.99 which includes the postage and they are really great quality postcards. I actually used Ink Cards this year to do my family Christmas cards because I didn’t want to deal with labeling addresses and buying stamps. It was so simple and because I purchased a bulk credit, the price was comparable to using other photo card services for holiday cards. Plus, did I mention that I don’t have to worry about buying stamps or doing the addresses?

Ink Cards has made me a bit of a card person now. It’s just that simple.


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