Healthy Habit: Weekly Veggie Prep

I am big on convenience especially when it comes to doing less than desirable tasks or in this case eating less than desirable foods. That being said I do LOVE vegetables, but it’s taken several years to get to this point. To make it easier on myself, I prep all of my veggies for the week on Sundays. Meal prep may not be for everyone, but this one hour of my week to prep makes it super easy the rest of the week to just grab and go. It takes the choice out of my snack options and leaves me feeling guilt free.

Here is what my weekly veggie prep looks like, and it will definitely vary for you depending on your veggie preferences. If you aren’t a big veggie eater (yet!), I recommend starting out in one area and that’s the roasted veggies. These roasted veggies can be used with any meal or as a snack and they are delicious.

To start, I thoroughly clean all veggies. I start by using Eat Cleaner all natural fruit and veggie wash which is just a few quick sprays on my produce and then rinse with water a few minutes later. I love this stuff. It’s so simple and not that expensive. Plus it goes a long way. Once clean, I start prepping. My weekly prep includes four areas.

1.) I start with my roasted veggies which right now includes roasted sweet potato chunks. I am currently obsessed with sweet potatoes. To roast, I cut the sweet potatoes into chunks, toss them with a tiny bit of olive oil, sea salt and black pepper and roast for 30 minutes on 450 degrees (making sure to move them around at about the half way point). You can also roast broccoli, brussels sprouts and really any vegetable of your choice.  Right now, I am hitting the sweet potatoes pretty hard.

2.) While the sweet potatoes are roasting, I move on to prepping raw veggie packs which can include broccoli florets, bell pepper slices, baby carrots, celery and sugar snap peas to give you a few examples. It varies week to week.  I make 10 packs for the week and Jason and I are set. The veggie freshness lasts all week (in case you were curious) which I like to think is a result of the veggie wash.

3.) Next, I prep my green peas. Super simple..either microwave a steamer bag or boil frozen peas. I make enough to take 1/2 cup of peas each day to work. Side note, have you ever tried cold peas? Surprisingly, they are really good.  Give cold peas a shot for a different way to eat your veggies.

4.) The last stop in my veggie quest is to make sure I have procured enough pre-washed spinach for the week. I go through 18 cups of spinach each week. I flipping love spinach. I add 3 cups of spinach in with my protein powder each day with some ice and water and blend it up as a smoothie. It’s really good. You can’t even taste the spinach even though the smoothie itself is bright green.

All in all, this process takes under an hour, and only about 20 of those minutes are active prep. The remainder is waiting on the sweet potatoes to finish roasting or the peas to cool down so you can portion them out. Once everything is done, I am set for the week. This prep makes it so convenient for me to eat my veggies all week-long. Try one or all of them out to make snacking healthy and convenient all week-long.

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