Healthy Habit: Egg Pie (I know, I know…it sounds weird…)

During the week, I wake-up at 4:45am. This may sound dreadful, and I agree some mornings it can be pretty terrible, but I love the peace and quiet of a napping house where everyone is sleeping.  Because I am typically half asleep, keeping breakfast simple is essential. My go to breakfast the last few years has been what I call my egg pie. It is called this because that is exactly what it is….a bunch of baked eggs in the shape of a pie.

You are all probably pretty familiar with how this recipe started as I’ve seen it all over Pinterest. When I found the original recipe, it used a muffin pan to make those cute little pre-portioned muffin shaped eggs…but after several weeks of cleaning the muffin tin I knew there had to be an easier way and that is how it evolved to egg pie! Instead of cleaning each individual crevice in the muffin pan, now I clean only one pie pan!

To make egg pie, I take 12 eggs, crack and whisk them in a bowl, pour the whisked eggs into a lightly greased glass pie pan and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Once the egg pie is done, I cut it into 5 wedges (one for each work day morning). I like a super boring breakfast so the only thing I add is a bit of sea salt, but you can definitely make yours a heck of a lot more interesting. You can add any of your favorite egg toppings…cheese, bell peppers, turkey or ham, tomatoes, whatever you would typically add to an omelet. So, there you go. It’s a super simple, high protein breakfast. Just add a green smoothie and you are set for the morning. (PS..I know I could do egg whites, but I choose not too. I personally don’t think its worth the hassle, and if you monitor your cholesterol in the other foods that you eat then I say live a little and eat the whole damn egg!)

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