Staying on Track: How to Create a Fitness Routine

Now that you have started down the path of creating a fitness routine, it’s important to keep yourself motivated to stay on track. The more you can make it a normal part of your life, the more successful you will be, and hopefully you will reach a point where exercising is like brushing your teeth. You do it because you feel good once you’ve done it. No questions asked, it’s just something you do and if you forget to brush your teeth you just don’t feel right until its done.

Here are my tips for staying on track once you’ve found yourself building a solid fitness routine:

1.) Plan your workouts: I loosely plan my workouts on a weekly basis. I know exactly how many strength, cardio, running and boxing days I am going to have each week. I say loosely because we all know that things come up and we need to be flexible with ourselves.

2.) Create a workout journal to log your workouts: I write down every workout that I can and cycle through them when I am planning my workouts for the week. If I am not taking a class, I am following a workout from my journal. You will never see me walking aimlessly though a gym. I know exactly what I am going to do before I walk in the door. I would be lost without this journal, and it helps keep me focused and motivated to complete the entire workout.

3.) Try something new:  Let’s say you are training for a race, you are likely doing a lot of running. To prevent burnout (and injury) keep things interesting and build in other types of activities. Doing this will also make sure that you are working other muscles to support your training. I like to bring in variety by taking different classes. This is exactly how I got into kickboxing.

4.) Set some new goals: Keep creating small manageable goals for yourself that are challenging. The goals need to be achievable but also a stretch. I like to set goals in areas that I know need improvement to force myself to work on them.

5.) Block out time:  It’s easy to say that you don’t have time to workout, but really that means its just not a priority. To overcome this, block out the time on your calendar as best as you can for when you plan to workout. There is something about visualizing it on your calendar that makes it more likely to happen. It can also help prevent people from booking over this time. You need to own your time as best as you can. I know this doesn’t work for every person or every day, but just remember it is your time and you choose how you spend it.

6.) Have a back-up plan. We’ve all run into situations where the piece of equipment we wanted to use isn’t available or a class that we wanted to take was cancelled. Be flexible, and have a back-up plan formulated in your mind to fall back on.

7.) Finally, be confident. Confidence is key when at the gym. I remember a time when I would look around and feel totally out-of-place in any fitness center environment. Now, I walk around the gym like I am supposed to be there. I walk through that weight room with confidence. Fake it until you become it, right?

The goal is to make a routine out of fitness and health and feel confident in what you are doing while making sure you are keeping it interesting for yourself. Monitor your progress and keep creating challenging but achievable goals and you are bound to be successful!

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