Check-In On Your Goals: An 18 in 18 Update

Can you believe that it is March? The first few months of 2018 have really flown by, and I thought it would be a great time to check in on the goals that we set for the year. Remember way back in December I decided to pursue 18 key objectives this year to support me on my journey for greater balance and bliss. This list included a range of topics that I wanted to work on this year.

With any goal (big or small), it’s important to check your progress to ensure that you are on track, and if not to determine what you need to do to get back on track.  I’ll give you a quick update on my 18, but consider doing the same for the goals that you have set for yourself. Determine what is progressing successfully and what needs a refresh.

Below is the link to the original 18 in 2018 post. Check it out before you read much further!

Cheers to 2018

My 18 in 2018 Updates:

  1. Write more thank you notes: While I haven’t necessarily written many thank you notes, I am sending more cards. I’ve been using the app Ink Cards to send birthday and “just thinking about you” cards to family and friends.
  2. Go on more dates…with Jason, the kids and friends and family:  I need to continue working on this one. My hope is that warmer months will present more opportunities. I am such a home body in the winter.
  3. Spend less time on my phone: I have really been working on this. I have installed the tracking app Moment to track time spent on my phone. I have also made an effort to put my phone down when I get home each evening until after my kids go to bed. I also keep a book with me at all times and force myself to pick up the book instead of reaching for my phone. It’s amazing how conditioned we are to go for our phone the minute our brain needs a distraction.
  4. Write more: I have been writing so much more this year! Both with my blog and in my journal. Writing is therapy for me and I enjoy it so I make time for it.
  5. Take swimming lessons: Fail! Fail! Fail!
  6. Increase my focus on my family’s nutrition (I am pretty strict with myself but not as much with the kids):  This is a big one for me. I’ve been working to get my kids off of cow’s milk, which is a huge shift for them. There was a point in time when we would go through 5 gallons of cow’s milk each week. I’ve also instituted a weekly vegetarian dinner, started buying more organic items as well as improving the quality of meats that we are buying. We are trying ButcherBox right now and I will update on that at a later time.
  7. Learn how to install our car seats (I am not proud to admit that I have never learned how…in 7 years Jason has always done this for me): Still working on it ie. I haven’t learned yet.
  8. Find a primary cause to support: Targeted for later this year.
  9. [Omitted personal goal]:  I will write about this one eventually. All I can say now is that I am on track.
  10. Eat less meat:  Instituted a once a week vegetarian dinner.
  11. Be more purposeful with my photo taking:  Always something I am working on.
  12. Continue finishing another room in our home: Done! I recently finished our master bedroom which has been a work in progress for four years.
  13. Explore more…hike more…more family walks: I have a list of trails and hikes I want to do with my family once warmer weather is upon us!
  14. Visit someplace(s) new: We have exciting adventures already planned for later this year.
  15. Box more….and dance more: Right now, I am really into boxing. I am training twice a week. One of those sessions is with an actual coach (who is amazing to work with and teaching me so much).  The other session is either a drills class or a kickboxing fitness class depending on the week. I fully intend to write about boxing at some point because it’s a challenge for me and not something that is coming easy, but I do really love it.
  16. Take more baths:  Yes, yes and yes.
  17. Be a more patient parent…play more: As I am trying to stay off my phone all evening, I find it so much easier to play more with the kids. They are only this little once and I refuse to miss out on this time with them. Coming home from work in the evening can be an exhausting frustrating time, but it’s so important to find times to connect with your kids each day.
  18. Plan out my next career move: No update.

My list is always evolving, and I definitely have things to work on. Since I set the list, I have added seven more objectives for the year to work on to continue to challenge myself. Our goals should be flexible in that we want to continue to push ourselves and make sure that we are growing in the direction that feels right for us. This will change over time so it’s important to be able to adjust as needed.

If you didn’t set any goals for the year, now is as good of a time as any. January 1st is just another day. Think about what you want to work on this year and how you want to grow and go for it. Everyone gets the same 1,440 minutes in a day. How will you spend yours?

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