Healthy Habit: Finding Time to Read

I have always loved to read. I can remember my Grandma taking me to the library when I was five years old to get my very own library card. I can remember walking to the library as a ten-year old on Saturday afternoons to pick-out books for myself as well as a few that I thought my little sister would enjoy. As an adult, reading has become one of those pleasures that has fallen to the bottom of the list. There is always something else to do and I just got out of the habit of reading with the exception of reading to my kids before bedtime.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good book on dinosaurs operating construction trucks.

As I have been working to build reading back into my life the last few months, I have come up with a few recommendations to help get in a few more books this year.

Here are my tips and tricks to find more time to read:

1.) Make sure you know what you really like to read. I spent many years trying to read the latest fiction novels by the “it” author of the month, but I just couldn’t ever get into those books. I  would feel so frustrated with the time I had invested…..that’s when I discovered non-fiction. I found my niche in the self-improvement/personal growth non-fiction genre, and now I find that I fly through books so much faster because I want to read them. So first and foremost, make sure you really know what you like to read.

2.) Now that you know what you like to read, bring those books with you everywhere you go. We all have times in our day when we are sitting waiting on something and we tend to go for our phone first. Instead of picking-up your phone to check email or social media, pick-up your book and read a few pages. If you are waiting to pick-up your kids from school or waiting before a doctor’s appointment, whatever it may be…reach for your book instead of your phone (unless your book happens to be on your phone in that case, you get a pass).

3.) Consider audio books. Audio books allow you to multitask which can be a great thing, but you need to make sure you are taking caution and ensure that you can give your focus to the main task at hand. Audio books can be a great option for daily commutes to work. For some, this is a simple way to get an hour of “reading” in each day. Audio books can also be consumed when exercising, preparing food, getting ready in the morning or walking your dogs. You get the idea. Audio books and audio book subscriptions like Audible, can get pricey so consider looking to your local library to see what they have to offer. This can also be done for e-books and regular books to save a ton of money.

These simple tricks have allowed me to read at least two books per month which is two more books each month than I was reading before. See what works for you, and as always I would love to know what tricks you use.

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