Help Your Future Self: How I Start My Best Day

I believe in the power of having a morning routine. Taking control of your day using each morning as an opportunity to start on the right foot, and using your established systems and routines as the foundation for a successful day. If you feel successful in your morning, your confidence, motivation and discipline will follow you through the rest of your day.

Having a morning routine will look different for everyone, but how do you make this routine work when you are stumbling out of bed each morning like a zombie? The answer is by creating systems and habits for yourself. Today, I am going to focus on the one habit that makes me look like a crazy person each day, but it saves me so much time every single morning. I like to call this “helping my future self”.

“Helping my future self” goes like this, prepare anything and everything that you reasonably can the night before so that when you wake-up, you are making as few decisions as possible. This preparation may include getting your coffee ready, setting out clothes,  getting breakfast items prepared, and making sure your bags are together. This list can go on and on…and on (and for me, it does). I will admit that I have taken it to a whole other level. Just ask my friend Nick who found my kids’ toothbrushes sitting out with toothpaste on them on Halloween eve…sitting there nicely awaiting our return from trick or treating later that night. I am okay with my level of crazy preparation. It really does help me out, and I completely recognize that it wont work for everyone.

Just keep in mind that helping your future self doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Try getting a few things ready for yourself each evening and see how it goes. I guarantee you that when you get up in the next morning, you are going to thank your “past self” for getting your coffee ready the night before.  Give it a try because here is what I know to be true, making fewer decisions first thing in the morning saves my decision-making energy for the hard stuff…like work and negotiating with the tiny terrorists that live in my house (also known as my kids).

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