Week 7: Rubber Bands Are a Life Saver

There has been a real shift this week. I am starting to feel the typical symptoms of early pregnancy. Yes, I am tired. Yes, I am hungry. and Yes, I get random waves of nausea. What I didn’t expect was to start showing so quickly. Some of my jeans officially stopped buttoning this week. No, it’s not because I’ve gone crazy with food…..yet. This is full on uterus starting to grow. While I am grateful for a healthy pregnancy, I was so hoping to be able to wear normal clothes for as long as possible and make it to 12 weeks without it being so obvious that I am pregnant. Instead, I had to use a rubber band to keep my pants most of the week….I feel a lot of dresses in my future. For those unfamiliar with this pregnancy hack, you hook the rubber band (or hair tie) around the button of your jeans and then through the hole that you fasten it in and then loop it back around the button. It gives you a few extra inches in the waist which is exactly what I needed this week.

Other than my pants not fitting, our family had a pretty great week. Chase sang the National Anthem at the Cardinals game on Monday, the Y posted a video of a few of my boxing training sessions (I was pregnant in both of those sessions), it was warm and sunny out, and it was Mother’s Day this weekend. If I had to sum up the weekend, I would say it was filled with outside activities and ice cream. We planted flowers, played in the sprinkler, went on walks, and had ice cream not once but twice. (maybe this is why my pants dont button….) The boys even joined in for a family 3 mile run on Mother’s Day through our neighborhood, which was so much fun. It makes me realize how far we have come, how much they have grown, and how much they can do on their own now. Introducing a baby into the mix will definitely change the dynamic, but that’s what jogging strollers are made for.

A few highlights from Week 7:

  • Baby L is the size of a blueberry
  • Baby L loves food with tomato based sauces
  • Baby L does not like spinach smoothies which is pretty upsetting for me
  • I started using my Instapot…and am kind of digging it
  • It feels like summer is upon us and I am wondering how I am going to survive the heat as my pregnancy progresses
  • My first prenatal appointment is next week and I am so looking forward to seeing Baby L (my doctor does an ultrasound at each visit)


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