Week 8: Seeing Baby L

I typically write my weekly recaps sitting on the couch around 6:30pm on Sunday evening. This has been a crazy busy weekend filled with constructing our new backyard shed, normal weekend errands like grocery shopping and picking-up the boys new bunk beds. No matter how busy our weekends are, it still beats being at work any day of the week.  Aside from the “work” parts of our weekend, we did manage to take the boys to a carnival and they had a blast. On Sunday we rode bikes and the boys went swimming (and froze their butts off) so all in all a good weekend.

Aside from spending time with my family, the highlight of week 8 was seeing Baby L for the first time. I had my 8 week appointment this week, and they did an ultrasound which was a first for me. During both the boys’ pregnancies,  I didn’t get to see them until their gender revel ultrasound around 20 weeks so I was more than excited to see Baby L so early on in this pregnancy. Baby L doesn’t exactly look like a baby just yet, but instead looked like a tiny little seahorse measuring in at a due date of December 25th. Our Christmas baby…dont worry Lamar babies always show up 2-3 weeks early so I am expecting mid-December at the latest. The best part of the ultrasound was getting to see the baby’s heartbeat and knowing that it is really strong. I completely forgot how much you look forward to hearing (or seeing) the heartbeat at each appointment. And….there was only one heartbeat! Thank the good lord….there is only one bun cooking in this oven!

A few highlights from Week 8:

  • Baby L’s heartbeat is at 150bpm
  • Baby L is the size of a raspberry but looks like a seahorse
  • Baby L’s due date is now December 25th based on measurements
  • Baby L loves carbs and dairy……the struggle has been really real this week
  • I’ve made it another week of keeping up with all of my workouts and then some…which was necessary because of the carbs and dairy
  • The headaches have started. I forgot how annoying these damn headaches are. I wake up with them in the middle of the night and they stay with me until mid morning.




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