Week 12: Father’s Day Weekend

We finally made it to week 12 which meant we were ready to start sharing our secret to those that don’t already know including the boys.   I’ve been really nervous about telling them. I assumed Chase would be happy and Shane would be upset. I was mostly right; Chase was happy and Shane was pretty indifferent. Now that the boys know, we started telling extended family and our secret is pretty much out.

With the excitement of week 12 comes new challenges, and I’m just going to go there. This baby is killing my bladder. One wrong move and I am on the verge of emergency.  I literally emptied my bladder, immediately left the house to go running and within two minutes thought I was going to pee my pants. I am not sure if bladder reconstructive surgery is a thing, but I am pretty sure I will need it after this third pregnancy.

Father’s Day was this weekend and we spent quality time with all the dads in our lives. We had a great Father’s Day morning with Jason which included our tradition of matching super hero shirts, breakfast at Eckerts and mini-golf.

Next week, I enter the second trimester and intend to share the news on Facebook!

A few highlights from Week 12:

  • Baby L is the size of a plum
  • I have been feeling pretty great this week
  • Still normal exercise and my eating is getting back to normal…the one pregnancy side effect that is impacting my workouts is actually a positive in other regards…my boobs have expanded and they continue to expand making my high impact workouts really annoying at times. This has never been an issue for me.
  • We told the boys that they would have a new baby brother/sister this week
  • We enjoyed Father’s Day festivities including breakfast out and mini golf
  • My latest craving is a really good salad filled with veggies and Italian dressing….I am pretty okay with this craving.



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