Week 13: The News Is Out

By now, all of our friends and family and Facebook community know that Baby L #3 is on the way. We told our the boys and extended family last week and shared the big news on Facebook over the weekend. I still haven’t shared the news with my work, but I assume they will find out soon enough.

Week 13 has been pretty normal and busy. I’ve tried to be more forgiving with myself this week as I can feel certain things become more difficult. I want to continue pushing myself to the max, but I just can’t always go 100% anymore. I’m not using the baby as an excuse, but I am allowing myself to modify and try shorter bursts of activity throughout the day to help make up for some of the intensity that I am giving up.

On Friday, we took the boys to the Science Center. My sister joined us, and the place was pure chaos…so many summer camp field trips. Here is my little tip for the Science Center, if you intend to see an IMAX movie, planetarium show and have more than 4 people in your group..buy the Friends and Family membership. You will just about spend the same amount of money…plus you get additional free tickets and free parking for every future visit that year.

The rest of our weekend was spent doing unfun things like cleaning and starting to pack. Next week is our 10 year wedding anniversary and Jason is taking me on a surprise vacation. The surprise isn’t the vacation, but that I don’t know where we are going! I am a control freak so this has been really hard for me not to plan this vacation. MEanwhile the boys are going camping so it has been nonstop list making and organization this weekend.

A few highlights from Week 13:

  • Baby L is the size of a peach…and this is exactly what I started craving this week
  • I am also craving salads with Italian dressing and honestly pizza sounds delicious right now.
  • Baby L spends most of its day resting nicely on my bladder
  • An actual statement from Chase this week: “Mom, no one will know you are having a baby. They will just think you like to eat a lot…you know, because you do.”….my kids are jerks.

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