Week 14: Our 10 Year Anniversary

This week has been a blur. We’ve spent most of the week preparing for our anniversary trip….finishing up as much as we can at work, packing ourselves, packing our kids, making sure everything is in order for the house/dogs. Getting ready for a vacation sure makes needing a vacation even more necessary.

The reason for the trip (as if there ever needs to be a reason to vacation!) is that Jason and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and we decided to continue our celebration by taking a much-needed vacation together. When we were deciding to plan this trip sometime last year, Jason asked if he could plan it as a surprise for me, and at the time I was all about that idea. As we got closer and closer to the trip, my curiosity started to kill me. I am terrible with surprises….I love them, but I also really hate them. I am our vacation planner, and I actually really enjoy it. I like doing the research and I like having the control. Giving Jason the power to plan the trip was a challenge, but I am happy that we did this because all I had to do was pack and show up.

As I write this, we are sitting on a plane to Phoenix. We are headed to Sedona for the week to hike and relax. Jason revealed the destination once we arrived at the airport.  I really can’t wait to get there, but as much as I have been looking forward to the time alone with Jason, I already miss the kids. It never fails, leading up to the kid-free time we are both giddy with the anticipation of only having to worry about ourselves, not having to get anyone else milk or a snack, not yelling out “leave your brother alone” or “two more bites of green beans”. The minute we are kid free…we miss the little assholes, but we really need this time to relax. The kids will be having their own fun camping with their grandparents and we will meet up with them at the lake at the end of next week.

Other than joining us for this trip, there aren’t any other major milestones for Baby L this week. I feel so normal most of the time….like surprisingly normal….that it makes me worried, but I really believe it is because I am doing this pregnancy much healthier than the other two.

Highlights from Week 14:

  • Baby L is the size of a lemon.
  • Baby L went on it’s first plane trip.
  • Jason and I have come up with a few names, but we don’t plan to share the names until the baby is born.
  • I think everyone just assumes that Baby L is a girl.

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