Anniversary Trip Part 2 (Day 4 and 5)

On day 4 of our trip, we decided to give our legs a little break from all the hiking but not until after Jason joined me for a fun 4 mile hilly run along a residential part of Sedona. Along with the heat and elevation…..all these hills will get you. After our run, shower and breakfast we headed to Clarkdale which is a few towns over from Sedona. From here, we were taking part in a two and a half hour kayak trip along the Verde Valley River. Neither Jason nor I had ever kayaked before, but we both wanted to give it a go. I have to be honest, I was pretty nervous about this. I am not the best person to test out new adventures that involve water. The thought of flipping the kayak and being in the river terrified me. Luckily, I did just fine, but not without first talking myself out of a bout of anxiety when we first got started.  The trip along the river was amazing; the river kept us cool and it was just a nice way to experience the area.

After our kayak excursion, we grabbed lunch in the sleepy town of Clarkdale and headed back to Sedona. We decided to stay indoors the rest of the day and went to see the new Jurassic World. We rarely go to the movies anymore, mostly because of the kids but probably just as much because of me. I don’t like the sensory experience of a lot of movies. I can’t handle certain situations or if I feel like the movie could really happen. I’m not a good movie goer. As you can imagine, Jurassic World probably wasnt the best choice for me, but evaluating the movie as it was I give it a meh. It felt like a movie that had to be made to bridge you from the last Jurassic World to whatever is next based on how this one ended. After the movie (and the popcorn), we weren’t too hungry for a big meal so we split my chinese leftovers from the night before and ate together on the balcony…super romantic…..and then we got ice cream.


I’ve been dreading day 5 since the start of our vacation. Day 5 is our last full day which also meant our last hike. We ventured to the Little Horse Trail in Sedona and hiked amongst the red rocks. All four of our hikes have been significantly different and enjoyable in their own way. This one was particularly hot even thought it was morning because there was little shade and it was mostly uphill, but the views (and breeze) were worth it when we made it to the top. Thanks to getting lost for a few minutes and then later deciding to check out another trail before we started our decent, we logged over 5 miles on this one. We were sweaty and covered in red rock dust.

We were beat after the sun and heat and headed to town to checkout a few stores we saw along the way and grabbed lunch before heading back to our hotel. We spent most of the afternoon preparing for our journey back home. Tonight, we will eat a low-key dinner and rest up. Tomorrow, we will head back to Phoenix and of course sneak in one last meal at Barrio Cafe before catching our flight. It has been an awesome trip. We’ve hiked a lot of miles, did whatever we wanted to do, ate good food and spent time together. I couldn’t ask for more and am thankful to Jason for planning this trip and for saying I do, 10 years ago. The bar has been set pretty high for our 20 year anniversary trip.


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