Week 17: Work travel, water parks and banana bread

This week I realized just how close I am to being half way through this pregnancy and I now feel the sudden pressure to get some things figured out. We still have over 20 weeks left, but the first 17 weeks have flown by and with school starting in a month, I know that this second trimester will continue to fly. The baby’s room, name, the hospital we will deliver, and baby’s clothing/misc items to buy are all on the docket for the next month or so. I love a good to-do list, but I am only sightly overwhelmed.

Earlier this week, I traveled to one of my favorite places in the world: Steamboat Springs, CO. It just feels good to be there, and truly feels like home. I was fortunate to have a bit of time one afternoon to run one of my favorite trails. It. was. hard. I always forget about the elevation/altitude impact and my legs felt like cement, but I enjoyed each of those 4 miles because I never know when I will be back. While I don’t travel much for work anymore, when I do I suddenly remember the additional stress it puts on the family when one of us is gone during the week. I can’t imagine doing solo time with three kids….two is hard enough.

Overall, the trip was painless as far as work travel goes with the exception of the timing coinciding with Prime Day (and Target’s attempt to compete with Amazon). I have had very little success with Prime Day in the past, but this year Amazon delivered. I was in the market for some baby items and found sleepers and an activity mat for over 50% off! Thanks, Amazon.

The rest of the weekend brought us time at the splash pad with my neice and sister-in-law and a family day at the water park. The boys had a blast at both, but the water park really took it out of me. I am trying to make this summer as fun as possible for the kids. Maybe it’s the guilt…yeah, it’s probably the guilt because I don’t know how much we will be able to do initially when we bring baby home. When I was at the airport this week, I would find myself watching parents with three young children to assure myself that it can be done or admiring the parent traveling alone with her multiple children. These strangers give me hope. I can manage two children and live a life that allows me time for myself and Jason and our sanity…can I do the same with three?

Highlights from Week 17:

  • Baby L is the size of a turnip.
  • I have started to feel Baby L move especially in the evening.
  • Baby L is craving banana bread (thank god for this Recipe from Hip Foodie Mom that tastes so much like the banana bread that I grew up with but without all the added sugar/oil…I usually sub the avocado for an extra banana and I just add chia seeds not the cereal noted….it still tastes amazing).
  • The boys took up “rock climbing” this week which is essentially using bungees to climb the one tree in our back yard.
  • My secret cookie deliverer strikes again….I love this, but I really wish I could figure out who is responsible for these cookies!
  • I am still able to hide my pregnancy pretty well and there are quite a few people at work that have no idea. Being active this pregnancy has really paid off.

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