18 in 2018 Revisited

Well, we are over half way through the year, and Baby L has definitely reprioritized my year. I thought it might be fun to go back to my original list and see how I was doing against the objectives I set for myself this year. Remember way back in December when I decided to pursue 18 key objectives for this year; following along with Gretchen Rubin’s 18 for 2018. This list included a range of topics that I wanted to work on this year. Here is the link to the original 18 in 2018 post and my March progress update. Check them out before you read much further:  Cheers to 2018 and Check-In On Your Goals: An 18 in 18 Update

My 18 in 2018 Updates:

  1. Write more thank you notes:  Still not really sending thank you notes, but I am still using Ink Cards. Check out my post from earlier this year on Ink Cards: Apps I Love: Ink Cards
  2. Go on more dates…with Jason, the kids and friends and family:  It has definitely been a busy year and we have made it a point to try to fit in as many fun things as possible this summer. Once the baby is here, I am not sure we will have the same opportunities to get out….at least initially.
  3. Spend less time on my phone: I tried something a little different that has really helped me out. I created folders on my phone and put like apps in the labeled folders. Example, I have a Shopping, Photography, Food, Travel, Social Media, etc labeled folders. Facebook goes in Social Media, Starbucks goes in Food, Target and Amazon go in Shopping, etc. My phone screen looks ridiculous but it helps keep me from unconsciously browsing from app to app.
  4. Write more: I took a bit of a posting break when I got pregnant, but I was still writing weekly…just not posting.
  5. Take swimming lessons: Fail! Fail! Fail!
  6. Increase my focus on my family’s nutrition (I am pretty strict with myself but not as much with the kids):  We continue to build in healthy options whenever possible. Family meals always have healthy choices, but most kid’s snack options are so crappy from a nutrition perspective!
  7. Learn how to install our car seats (I am not proud to admit that I have never learned how…in 7 years Jason has always done this for me): Jason has shown me…once, but we need to go through this again….especially with baby on the way.
  8. Find a primary cause to support: Targeted for later this year.
  9. [Omitted personal goal]:  Sooooo.. I can finally reveal this goal which was to decide whether or not we wanted to expand our family. Check out my week 5 post for more on our decision making process…but I would say this one has been achieved.  Week 5: It’s Happening!
  10. Eat less meat:  Still working on it.
  11. Be more purposeful with my photo taking:  Always something I am working on.
  12. Continue finishing another room in our home: Done! We finished our master bedroom earlier this year plus we are getting the baby’s nursery prepared so that counts too!
  13. Explore more…hike more…more family walks: We spent our anniversary trip in Sedona hiking every day and shortly we will head to northern Michigan and there will definitely be hiking involved.
  14. Visit someplace(s) new: Check…..Sedona and soon to be Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.
  15. Box more….and dance more: Baby L and I are still boxing weekly. Zumba has hit the back-burner, but only because I am typically too tired at 7:30pm to go to class. Soon enough I will be back. Check out my kickboxing post: Dont Throw In The Towel
  16. Take more baths:  Yes, yes and yes quickly became nope, not at all, and not lately. It’s summer, and it’s too darn hot. Plus I’m not sure if I am really supposed to right now.
  17. Be a more patient parent…play more: As I am trying to stay off my phone all evening, I find it so much easier to play more with the kids. They are only this little once and I refuse to miss out on this time with them. Coming home from work in the evening can be an exhausting frustrating time, but it’s so important to find times to connect with your kids each day.
  18. Plan out my next career move: Considering the events of this week which included me accepting a new opportunity at my company…I would consider this one complete.

It appears that I am more on track than I expected. I probably wont get swimming lessons in this year, but everything else is trending nicely. There is still so much time left in the year….nearly 5 months to be exact. That is plenty of time to start working on the things you want!

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