Week 18: Baby L and I Make Big Decisions

Week 18 was filled with big decisions at work. To keep a fairly long story short, I have been in a pretty dynamic and challenging role for the last three years and decided that it was time for a change; a fresh start.  I am excited to say that this week I accepted a job offer for a new role within my current company.  It is in a different department, but working for the person that originally hired me into the company over 10 years ago. I am excited to start something new yet familiar.

When I look back at my career I tend to make big changes when I am pregnant. I first became a manager over a contract management team when I was pregnant with Chase, I was offered a role in IT Procurement when I was on maternity leave with Shane and now I accepted a new position within my company’s Supply Chain department as I am pregnant with Baby 3. I don’t know why I do this, but maybe it’s the big changes that come with having another child make me open to making other big changes…because why not.

The rest of this week was pretty normal.  I am finally starting to look like I am having a baby instead of someone who has been bingeing on cake for the last 4 months. My body is frustrating in that way….my belly doesn’t quite round out until about the half way point. I will also say that I am starting to become really beat after working out. I still havent adjusted the intensity of my workouts and about an hour after; I can barely move. I am just not ready to make any changes. I enjoy working out.

Next week, we leave for our family’s vacation to Northern Michigan. I am so excited to get away with all my guys, but not excited about 9 hours in a car (each way). We’ve got a rental property within the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore where we will hike, swim, kayak and maybe bike. There will be ice cream and smores in the fire pit. Life will be slower for us, and I can’t wait. I should also mention that the average high temperature will be 75.

Highlights from Week 18:

  • Baby L is the size of a sweet potato
  • Baby L is loving cottage cheese with garden tomatoes
  • Chase finishes up his last week of camp next week and Shane has his last day at the daycare he has spent the last 4 years. On to second grade and Pre-K! Where has the summer gone?
  • After this week, I consider myself halfway with this pregnancy as both boys were early… I expect Baby L to be a week or more early as well.

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