Week 26: Will I Pee My Pants Today?

I am currently sitting outside on a beautiful Saturday afternoon watching Shane bubble mow the yard. It is finally fall, and it feels like it. My pregnancy has seen spring, summer and now fall. When winter arrives so will Baby L. Week 26 was an overwhelming week. Work was overwhelming, my daily commute continues to be overwhelming, after work activities are overwhelming and somehow I managed to sign myself up as a head room parent for one kid’s class and a room parent for the other. I often think that at some point something is going to have to give, but until then we just keep pushing forward.

Let’s talk about this overwhelming commute I mentioned. What used to take me 25 minutes now takes me 50 minutes. You may think okay, whatever there isn’t anything you can do about it.  I completely agree, my big issue is trying not to pee my pants each morning. Yep, I am literally one rainy morning or one car crash away from peeing my pants every. single. day. The pregnant struggle is real. You may say, why not stop somewhere? And my answer, one does not stop on this commute. My restroom options go from sketchy, to bad, to really bad, to probably should just wear an adult diaper. Baby L sits low and I have seriously considered packing extra clothes just in case….I am not kidding. There are many wonderful things about being pregnant, but the constant need to pee is not one of them. (You didn’t think I would caption week 26 as such without explaining, did you?)

This week we had another visit from the cookie fairy. I think I have cracked the case, but I will not reveal. I choose to enjoy the mystery and the cookies. Chase’s baseball games were also in full swing this week (pun intended).  He has gained so much more confidence this year and aside from the games going too close to my bedtime, it’s been fun to watch him progress. Shane had his 3rd soccer game this weekend and mid-way through the game a big Case International tractor came barreling down the street. Jason and I spotted it first and then Shane saw it. He stopped everything and lost his shit. There was no chance for soccer the rest game. The kid loves tractors almost as much as he loves black olives and mustard (which are his 2 favorite foods).

Finally, I am super excited to welcome Baby Rylee to the world. One of my oldest and greatest friends Nicole had her second baby girl this weekend. Nik has been such an inspiration during this pregnancy. She has continued running right up until the very end. She continues to be my motivation as I trot into this third trimester.

Highlights from Week 26:

  • Baby L is the size of an eggplant, and is weighing in at around 2 lbs
  • Next week, we start our third trimester!
  • Apparently Baby L can now open his eyes
  • Heartburn has kicked in and seems to show its ugly head during my workouts
  • At dinner this week, the boys agreed that out of everyone Jason would be the most likely one to drop the baby?
  • They have also agreed that Baby can be on their team for hide and seek









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