Hi and Welcome! I’m Lauren, and if you are reading this, you probably already know me. Let’s be honest, I’m not looking to break the interwebs with ground breaking posts, but you are here reading this and it makes me happy! Many of you may have seen some of the endeavors that I have attempted this last year. 2016 was a year, that’s for sure. This blog is my own personal attempt to write my story…to document the things I did and give my insight on how to live a little bolder. Since you are reading this, let’s go over the ground rules and set some expectations. Since having kids and juggling daily life, my brain is often mush….grammar, spelling and using words and phrases correctly should not be expected. I won’t expect it of you and you will be disappointed if you expect it of me. Next rule, please call me out if I start to get preachy. I say it here and I say it now, I am not an expert of anything…except for being me…and being awesome. I am an expert at those two things only. So, here is it. If you are only the slightest bit interested what my last year was like…with highlights from the present sprinkled in….then keep reading.

For those that I don’t know, I’m Lauren. I am first and foremost a wife and mother of two monster little boys aged 5 and 2. I am a fitness junkie, list loving, overly organized individual who lives life and gets shit done. This is me.