Welcome to my blog, the Year of You! I’ve spent the last two years on a quest seeking greater balance and bliss. This blog started as a project called The Year of You (hence the name) which was focused on finding greater happines through shedding limits and living a bolder life. What I quickly realized was a year wasnt enough time and that really personal growth is never-ending.  It’s been a journey and so far I’ve loved every turn AND I’ve learned so much. I feel that I have so much to share and hope you find inspiration through this blog to live your best life. This blog is all about making simple small changes to become the best version of you with a focus on health and fitness. I invite you now to join me on my quest to pursue more balance and greater bliss.



A little bit about me: My name is Lauren. I’m a wife, a mother of two little boys, a lover of sweet potatoes, black coffee and burpees. I rock a sweater nearly every day, Mr. Rogers style. I am a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic who loves making lists and jammin’ on my planner.  I love a good challenge and will make anything into a competition if given the chance. This is me.